The Universe Doesn’t Care Where the Money Comes From

Have you ever wanted more money? Oftentimes when we want money, but we may not know where we can get that money or we try to figure out how this money is going to come from.

When I was a high tech Entrepreneur, I started to ask the Universe for what I wanted every week.  What I noticed was that sometimes the Universe would give me what I want, and sometimes the Universe would not give me what I want.  By not getting discouraged when the Universe didn’t give me what I want, I found out something very interesting, I was starting to get what I want and more in ways I never thought was possible.  Here is an inspirational video on how the Universe Doesn’t Care Where the Money Comes From.

A Major Block to Creating Wealth

Do you know someone with issues attracting abundance into their lives? Maybe you know some of these people intimately?  If there was one thing that could possibly stop you from having more money in your life, would you like to know what that may be?

In my work as an Intuitive Mentor, I show my clients how they can find the best way to deal with any situation and find the best to any questions they may have. This process is not only rewarding for both my clients and I, it is also extremely insightful. During a recent mentoring session, I helped a client connect with her Higher Self and both my client and I were blown away with what her higher self had to say. In this inspirational video below, I will talk about one of the major blocks to wealth creation.  If you are interested in having more wealth in your life, you might want to watch this short 4 minute inspirational video.

If you are interested in trying intuitive mentoring, I am offering a special with two 45 minute free sessions with no obligations. Many people have gotten value after just two sessions together.  Please contact me if you are interested.

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