The Impact of Divorce on Children

Sad ChildDo you know someone whose parents are divorced? Or do you know someone who is a single parent? This is an inspirational story of a man who faced his demons and found God along the way.

I met Ricky Shetty – The Daddy Blogger at a speaking class and I was incredibly touched by Ricky’s inspirational story.  He grew up in a home with frequent incidences of domestic violence and his parents eventually divorced. In this video, Ricky talks about the impact domestic violence and his parents’ divorce had on him.  In our conversation together, I discovered I was not alone in the one secret question I often asked myself as a child with regards to my parents’ divorce. It was very sad for me when we touched on this because I could not believe that other people like Ricky may have asked the same secret question. I had to really hold back my tears in this interview.  As an added bonus, Ricky will share about how he talks to God.  It is not every day I get to talk to someone who can speak to God. I am so grateful to Ricky for giving this beautiful interview.

Here is a short demonstration on how Ricky communicates with God. What he does is truly amazing!

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Spirit Guided Life

Spirit Guided Life

What does it mean to live a spirit guided life? How do I walk a spirit guided path? I discovered the answer a few days ago in a very interesting environment.  Let me explain…

My twin sister Angel came to visit me from Taiwan for two weeks.  The last two nights before she left, I decided to take her to the casino for a few rounds of blackjack.  I don’t go to the casino often now that I am a mother of two little boys. The last time I went to the casino was a year ago when I was jet lagged (yeah excuses excuses).

I did find that my trips to the casino were increasingly more interesting year after year as I became more sensitive to the energies around me. The casino can be a place with low energy, mainly because many of the people there were not there for entertainment, but to service their gambling addictions.

The first night I was there, my sister and I collectively lost one hundred dollars. The second night I was there, I decided to do something differently, I decided to do a grounding meditation before I started playing. While I was playing blackjack, I began to ask this question over and over again in my mind:

How can I live a spirit guided life?

For which I got an answer:

You Listen.

It sounded easier said than done. How does one just listen?

I decided to place a bet that was higher than what I would normally bet ($20 instead of $5). The cards that were initially dealt to me was a nine and a two, adding up to eleven, with a dealer having a small card of six. I decided to double down, betting an additional $20 and received a five, not my ideal – which was a ten or face card. As the dealer dealt her own cards, she busted (more than 21) and as she paid out to the people on the table. As she was paying me out with red chips, she made a comment, “Go Big or Go Home!”

For some reason, the words, Go Big or Go Home really rang true with me. For the rest of the night, whenever I heard the words in my mind, “Go Big or Go Home” prior to placing a bet, I almost always win that hand. That night, I started out with $150 and left with $270.

Then I decided that I would frequently ask myself the question:

How can I live a spirit guided life?

After coming home from the casino, I was laying in bed and feeling some kind of stuffy feeling in my heart. A friend came over earlier in the day and we went shopping with my four year old son Cedric in tow. My friend and I met at a personal development course.  When we first met, I was dealing with issues of low self worth and having little interest in hanging out with my kids. Two years later, I was hanging out with Cedric and having a marvelous time pushing him around in the shopping buggy.

I wondered to myself, why would I have this stuffy feeling in my heart when I had won money and hung out with Cedric?

I decided to ask the question:

Dear Spirit: What messages do you have for me?

Right away I saw Cedric’s face and felt a sense of Love followed by a sense of Guilt.

May (M): Spirit, why do I feel guilty?

Then I got the following words–

Spirit (S): You feel guilty loving your kids and spending quality time with them because you feel like you are betraying that inner child part of you that did not receive love and attention from your mother.

M: Spirit, what other guilt do I feel?

S: You feel guilty having close friends because your father maintains really close friendships with his friends and your mother really resented that and told you that your dad treated his friends as more important than his family.  You also feel guilty having a great relationship with your husband because your parents never had that kind of love and harmony in their relationship.

I shared this with my husband with tears in my eyes.  During my short dialogue with Spirit, I was breaking through some of my deepest subconscious beliefs about love.  How could I truly love if I felt such guilt around loving my children, my husband, and my friends?

So with that, I end this post with a single question:

May: Spirit, what messages do you have for me and my readers today?

Spirit: Love is the natural flow of the Universe. Some may think they can stop love. But to do so is to stop the flow of all energy in the Universe.  This includes the energy of health, the energy of abundance, and the flow of harmony.  We leave you with the a little jingle to the song Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen:

Let it Flow, Let it Flow
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it Flow, Let it Flow
Say goodbye to fear and pain

I don’t care

What the ego may say
Let the love flow through
The ego never bothered me anyway!


Super Zinger Power!

Everyone has a dream of having super powers and being a hero. At least, I know I have those dreams too.  Now I am so please to begin discovering that there are some people out there who truly have some remarkable super powers.

Tammra Broughton from Living Proof Life shares her super power and how her super power helps her in transforming the lives of other people.

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May Chu Interviews Alfred DePew on A Moment of Divine Inspiration

Have you ever experienced how it feels like to communicate with the divine?

Alfred DePew certainly has and he shares his story of a moment of Divine Inspiration in this 10 minute video clip.

I first met Alfred DePew at a networking event.  My husband and I hired him as a relationship coach to help us in building a solid foundation in our personal and business partnership.

I found things about Alfred I never knew before. Enjoy!

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May Singing My Love Remains

This song is for those who have lost their loved ones.  It is conveying an important message. I started composing songs by the time I was a little girl (before six years old) but my mother once told me I sounded like a duck so I never thought I would be putting a video of myself singing on Youtube.

This was filmed with me singing to my classmates at the Rock The Stage Mastermind.


Against the Odds

An Unusual Emotional Reaction

Back in August, 2013, I felt a strange urge to contact QHHT Practitioner Sian Chua who was based in Perth Australia. The reason why I had wanted to contact her was because I had noticed that she had stepped down as a moderator to the QHHT forum.  I had always felt a sense of kinship towards Sian because she wrote remarkable stories.  She experienced many miracles with QHHT and she was keen on writing about it when I first joined the forum. Even Dolores would use some of Sian’s stories as class material for Level 2.  When I was typing that first email to Sian to introduce myself, something unexpected happened.  I started to cry for no apparent reason.  Maybe I felt misunderstood by some people in the QHHT community or maybe there was some other unknown reason, but tears were flowing down my face and I couldn’t stop myself from crying.  The content of the email was quite simple, I was wondering why she was no longer a moderator and that I really admired her work.  I told her that I would love to get to know her better and talk about all the miraculous sessions she had facilitated. She had conducted more than 1500 sessions, more than any other practitioner I have spoken to besides Dolores herself.

Puzzled by my physical reaction while composing the email, I asked Sian if she would be willing to speak with me on Skype.  So, while I was in San Francisco in late September 2013 to meet with fellow practitioner Clare Joslin, we had a great Skype conversation.  But something seemed incomplete.  I told Sian that it is highly likely I would have to go and see her.  I could not even explain why.  But she told me that I should not go and see her.  I didn’t feel rejected, I know how this feels. Whenever a client tells me that they wanted to travel  from a place far far away to see me, I always tried to get them to go see someone else who might be closer to them.  The farther the client has to travel to see me, the more nervous I get.  It was some kind of performance anxiety.  If Sian was anything like me, she would try to stop me from coming to see her in Australia given that I would be coming from Vancouver Canada. It will take nearly two days to travel to Australia.  The idea of going to Australia just to see Sian seemed far fetched because I really didn’t know how I was going to fit this into my schedule.  So, life moved on.

Then in October 2013, I decided to schedule a visit to Taiwan at the end of November to visit my father and my sister.  At the same time, my mother expressed interest in learning QHHT.  I have documented her miraculous story in the blog post My New Mother.  While I was in Taiwan, I found out that Dolores will no longer be teaching courses internationally and I looked online for the very next course she will teach in person and it was going to be in Sydney Australia.  Around the same time, a friend of mine was going to visit his parents in Perth Australia and he suggested out of the blue that I could go and visit.  With multiple things pulling me towards Australia, I turned to my mother to give me a QHHT session — which was a miracle in itself.

Light to EarthIn the session, I connected with Source and They said that I had a mission in Australia.  It had something to do with opening a portal to send energy to the Earth. Given that this was my mother’s third QHHT session, she was blown away by the information that was coming through.  Source showed me that I had to go to Perth, where my friend and Sian lives, and I had to go to Sydney.  I had no idea what I would do with opening a portal but if they told me I had to go, why not just go with it? With one week to go before the QHHT course starts in Sydney Australia, I was set into motion to put my trip together.  Everything came together quickly. I emailed Sian and she told me that even though she was not going to be around during weekend that I was going to be in Perth, Australia, she would make time to see me the night I arrive.  I was to take a direct flight from Taiwan to Sydney and then take a intercontinental flight from Sydney to Perth on the same day, the total travel time including train ride and layover time was 25 hours. My friend Ken, not his real name also graciously offered to pick me up from the airport and drive me in to see go see Sian.

“You Can’t Go to Australia.”

My flight from Taiwan to Sydney was set to take off at 11 pm on December 5th, 2013. I took the bullet train to the Airport station, which was 20 minutes bus ride away from the airport.  I arrived at 8:35 pm and pulled my luggage towards a check-in Kiosk at the train station.  This way, I could check in my luggage before boarding the shuttle bus to the airport.  When I arrived at the check-in Kiosk for China Airlines, the lady behind the counter scanned my passport as part of the check-in process several times looking very confused.  I had to wait many minutes while she attempted to scan my passport over and over again.  Finally she looked up and said to me, “You don’t have a Visa to go to Australia.”

“What?” I was shocked, “I need a Visa to go to Australia? I have a Canadian passport, we are Commonwealth Countries. We are supposed to be friends!” I was clearly ignorant. “Can’t I just apply for a Visa after I land in Sydney?” Then they won’t be able to deny me!

“Unfortunately, I cannot even check in your luggage or give you a boarding pass without a Visa.  Every time I tried to scan your passport, it just said ‘error’.” She said.

The manager came by and graciously offered me the possibility of using their computer to apply for an electronic visa online.  He said that most of the time, people holding Canadian passports can be approved immediately. I began entering my information into the system.  I was keenly aware of the time on the computer, it said 9:06 pm — less than two hours away from take off.  I typed in all my information and payed my $20 fee to submit my application.  I anxiously waited while I pressed the submit button hoping that I could be approved right away.  After loading the page for a few seconds (but it seemed much longer), the screen displayed a webpage that said.  We have received your application.  Your application had been flagged for review by one of our staff members. Please contact our Visa office in 12 hours to see if you have been approved.

“What?!” I couldn’t believe this, at 9 pm Taiwan time, it was 12 am in Sydney. Who was going to be there to process my application?

“Ms Chu,” the manager approached me, “I checked our system and saw that there is space on the flight tomorrow night. I would be happy to move you to that flight free of charge.”

“You mean you checked for available seats even before I completed the application? I asked in disbelief. Did he know this was going to happen?

“I can’t help it Ms. Chu, I already had to turn 5 other passengers away in the last 30 minutes because they didn’t have a Visa to go to Australia.” He said apologetically.

“When is the latest I have to check in to make the flight?” I asked.

“You will have to check in by 10:20 pm at the airport. The train station Kiosk will be closing soon.  But keep in mind that the airport is 20 minutes away from here by shuttle and the last train to go back to your hometown will leave the train station by 11 pm if you didn’t make the flight.” The kind manager reminded me of all my obstacles.

I looked at the clock on the computer screen and it said 9:25 pm. I stood up quickly and gathered my passport and walked briskly to my luggage. “I’m going to have to go take my chances at the airport.” I said as I hastily dragged my half broken luggage towards the shuttle bus exit. The shuttle left soon after I boarded it with my luggage in tow. I looked at my phone — 9:30 pm.

As I sat on the shuttle bus on my way from the train station to the airport, I could not believe this was happening.  I took out my smart phone and got ready to text my friend Ken and email Sian saying that I could not make it.  I thought of calling my Dad to tell him he would have to pick me up from the train station.  Then I paused and thought, “If I write them and tell them that I will not make it to Australia, then wouldn’t that cast doubt on my desire to board that plane? No, I cannot make any calls yet. I have to believe that I can make my flight!”

I looked up and waved my little fist up in the sky. “Why did you do this to me?” I said silently. “I thought you told me I was supposed  to go to Australia?!”  Thankfully it was dark and noisy on the bus or else people might have thought I was a little nuts.

Then a voice spoke loud and clear to me in my head, “You don’t believe in your mission. You don’t believe in your power.  Why should we let you go?”

“What?” I was shocked. Whoever they were, God or Higher Consciousness, they were right. I really did think it was absurd that I would be sent to open a portal. Me? Impossible.  Wasn’t that just an excuse for me to see Australia for the first time?  That just sounded too…important and too…unreal.  But my own doubt was about to cause me to miss my flight to Australia and hundreds of dollars in the intercontinental flight I had already purchased to fly from Sydney to Perth. “What can I do?” I asked.

“Believe in your mission. Believe in your power.” They said.

With 15 minutes left before reaching the airport, I closed my eyes. While sitting on the dark noisy shuttle bus, I began to mutter to myself over and over again, “I believe in my mission! I believe in my power! I believe in my mission! I believe in my power!” I imagined that I was already on the flight to Sydney. I could not let any doubt come in the way of making it on that flight.  I believe in my mission! I believe in my power!

After arriving at the airport, I made my way to the check-in counter for China Airlines as quickly as I could. I didn’t even have time to look at the clock.  When I got to the check-in counter, there was barely any line up. I supposed most of the passengers had already checked-in. I gave the lady at the check-in counter my passport and said, “I have a little problem. I didn’t have a Visa to go to Australia. I tried to apply the Visa at the train station but they said that I had to wait 12 hours.  I thought I would come here and try again.” I said quickly.

The lady behind the counter took my passport and started typing my name into the system. I looked at my phone, 9:56 pm — one hour and 4 minutes before take off.

“I’m really sorry Ms. Chu,” the lady behind the counter said, “It still says ‘Error’ on our system. Apparently your Visa has not yet been approved.”

“How long do I have before I absolutely have to check in my luggage?” I asked.

“Until 10:15 pm at the latest.” She said.

For a moment I felt deflated and disappointed. It was time for me to step to the side so that she could serve other customers.  I started to gather my stuff as I took one look at my phone — 9:58 pm.  If I planned to make it home by train I had to leave the airport and board a shuttle bus by 10:30 pm at the latest.  I turned back to the lady behind the counter, “Could you please just scan my passport again one more time?”

“Alright…” She said doubtfully, probably thinking that I wasn’t accepting the situation and was delusional for thinking that there was any chance I could make the flight.  After all, it was almost 1 am Sydney time.  She took my passport back and tried one last time to scan the passport through. Then she suddenly sat up in her chair. “You are in! You got in!” She began to punch on her keyboard quickly and efficiently.

“YAY! YAY! YAY!” Was all I could say.  In fact, I was jumping up and down at the check in terminal with passengers turning around and looking in my direction.  I didn’t care as I jumped up and down again, shamelessly waving my hands in the air like a little kid on Christmas day.

“Please put your luggage on the scale, Ms. Chu, I’m going to check you in now.” The lady said with a smile as I put my luggage on the scale. I looked at my phone and it said, 10:05 pm, 55 minutes before the flight takes off.

I quickly made my way past the security check point and walked briskly towards my gate.  I took out my phone and called my Dad and told him about my ordeal in the last 2 hours.  On the other side of the line, I could hear my Dad laughing at me as I told my story.  After I was finished he said, “You better watch out when you get to Sydney!”

“Why Dad?” I asked.

“They might say, ‘Who the heck processed your application in the middle of the night?’” He was still giving me lots of silly laughs.

“You have a good point.” I said as I reached my gate.

The voice over the intercom started saying “Welcome to China Airlines Flight CI 55 bound from Taipei to Sydney, we are now preparing for boarding…”

“I got to go Dad–” The announcement was so loud I could barely hear him over the phone. “I’ll call you when I reach Sydney.”

“Ok, Have fun with your adventure!” My Dad said in his usual cheerful voice.

I wasn’t sure what was in store for me in Australia.  One thing I knew for sure, I needed to ‘believe in my mission’ and I needed to ‘believe in my power’.

I will post more about my journey to Australia soon…Stay tuned…

My New Mother

Rewired BrainThe last two months have been incredibly interesting and adventurous for me.  In October of 2012, my mother told me that she might be interested in taking the Level 1 course for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) with Dolores Cannon.  I was super excited and yet skeptical.  When I first started practicing 2 years ago, I told her about my work and she told me that she didn’t believe in past lives because this was not part of the Catholic belief she subscribed to.  She had a lot of health problems.  She claimed that she had issues with her memory, vision, digestion, elimination, weak muscles and bones (osteoporosis), and issues with sleep requiring her to take tranquilizers to sleep every night.

I began to talk about the miracles in my work when she visited me.  We didn’t have much to talk about because we didn’t share similar beliefs, but I kept trying anyways.  I knew my mother would really benefit from a QHHT session but she wasn’t going to have one, at least not from me. Family members are hard to work with.  This is because there may be some unspoken words and feelings or perhaps resentment that had pilled up after all the years of living together.  The problem was that there was no other QHHT practitioners in Vancouver that could speak Mandarin.  So when my mother told me that she was interested in taking the QHHT level 1 course in Taiwan with Dolores, I booked the plane ticket and reserved a spot in the class for her right away.  I realized that the students who will take the course will have a practice day where they practice on one another.  I knew that was how my mother was going to be able to get a session for herself in her native language.

I flew to Taiwan from Canada after my mother had completed the QHHT course.  When I first saw her, she was so happy to see me and she tried to give me a hug.  I know this may sound like common sense for a mother to give the daughter a hug, but, the last hug I remember my mother gave me was when I was 7 years old.  Hugging is just not something we do in the Chinese culture.

I asked her how her course was and if she was able to get a successful QHHT session by her classmates and she said that the first time someone tried to hypnotize her, it didn’t work.  But the second time someone else tried, she went right into a very deep trance, remembering nothing from her own session.  I had the hypothesis that multiple QHHT sessions can be helpful and this was a perfect example of how everyone can be hypnotized with enough practice.

When I saw my mother, the conversation went something like this:

“So, what did you find out from your hypnosis session?” I asked.
“I don’t know for sure because I haven’t really listened to it yet.  I plan to listen to it when I have a moment.  What I remember is mostly what my classmate told me.” My mother said.
“So, what did your classmates tell you about your session?” I asked.
“When I first got there, I complained about being tired and not being able to remember anything.  I told them I couldn’t see very well and required a lot of assistance.” My mother said.
“So what did they say happened during your session? What does your Subconscious (SC) have to say about your health issues?” I asked.
“When my classmates asked the SC for healing on my physical issues, my SC said that they had to address the true source of why I was having these physical issues.”
“Oh! What did the SC said was the true Source of all your physical issues?” I was very intrigued.
“They said it had something to do with my brain. So, the SC said they had to rewire my brain.”
“The SC did WHAT?” I couldn’t believe my own ears.
“The SC said they had to rewire my brain.” She said while pointing at her head.
“So, what difference do you notice?” I asked.
“Well, that’s the thing, the day after we had our practice sessions, Dolores asked the people with successful healing cases to go up to share with the rest of the class and my group went up. They told the class what happened since I still didn’t remember much from my session and one of the other classmates in the audience suddenly pointed out that I was no longer wearing my glasses. They said, ‘Didn’t you say you could not see well without your glasses? Where are your glasses now?’ And I thought to myself, Oh yeah! Where are my glasses? I guess I don’t need them anymore.
“Wow,” My own mother had a miraculous healing! “So, what do you notice now that your brain had been rewired?”
“I can remember the things I’ve learned!” She said.
“Well, I am having such a miraculous time here! It is amazing you don’t have to wear glasses anymore! On a different note, the kids are all sick back in Canada.” I was updating her on how her grandchildren were doing.
“Well…,” She said while her eyes looked upwards towards the left, “They are sick because they are not getting something they need from their parents.”
“And how did you know that?” I asked. Did she just pull that out of nowhere?
“Did I just say something? I don’t know where that came from, I just know that this could be the reason.” She said while looking at me again.

Somehow, my mother became kind of psychic.  I don’t quite know how to explain it. It was like she knew the answers to things she did not know before.  When her eyes looked up towards the left side, she seemed to have some pearls of wisdom that just came out of nowhere! Another thing she told me that just came out of nowhere was, “You cannot evade what you came here (Earth) to learn.  To do so will only cause health consequences…even death.”

She told me that Dolores told the class that she would no longer be traveling to teach her courses internationally.  I immediately went to look online to see where she would be having her next level 2 class.  I have taken the level 2 once already but I have heard that Dolores have revamped the level 2 course and I really wanted to take the new level 2 course.

I went to Dolores’ website and found that her next available level 2 course was in Australia at the beginning of December.  Given that I was already in Taiwan, I was halfway between Vancouver, Canada and Australia.  I had a friend in Australia who had briefly mentioned that I could visit Australia but I didn’t realize that that was the closest Level 2 I could go to.  But it was a big trip to plan in the last minute and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to go. So I said to my mother, “I need you to give me a session! I need to ask the SC if I should go to Australia!”

Can you imagine? My MOTHER was going to give ME a QHHT session in Chinese! I have a NEW mother!

A little update:

I received a phone call from my sister whom my mother was staying with for about two weeks after her course with Dolores Cannon.  My mother reported being able to sleep all night without the use of tranquilizers for the first time in years.  She also received complete healing of her digestive issues. It was like she was gradually getting better and better as time went on.  I have seen many QHHT miracles, but this one really hits close to home…

Next, I will write about a strange mission given to me in my own QHHT session conducted by my mother in a post called Against the Odds.

My Wish Came True

Here is a very short transcript of my Quantum Healing Hypnosis session a month ago:

QHHT Practitioner (QP): May would like to know if you could make her butt look smaller…
Higher Self (HS): Yes, we can do that!
QP: That’s wonderful! How soon will May notice a difference?
HS: In a month.
QP: Thank you so much! I’m sure May will really appreciate this!

Yesterday, one month after that session I was hanging out with my husband, Dobes –

Dobes: Your butt seemed smaller…
May: Really?! Yay! Er…why do you sound kind of disappointed?
Dobes: Well…Now there is less for me to hold on to.

The Merging of Heaven and Earth

Central Sun A client recently came to me for a QHHT session a while ago.  She was introduced to me through a referral from a friend and she had not previously heard of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, nor has she read any blog posts I have written.  Annie (not her real name) had felt alone most of her life.  She found her life to be hard and lonely.  When she first went into trance, she found out that as a soul, she had never been to Earth before.  What was very interesting to me, was the parallels of what Annie was saying with some of what the other clients have said during their QHHT sessions.

In this session, the client found out that she came from another world.  In the following session transcript, you will find out one of the main reasons why other beings have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time: (more…)