A Possible Cause of Childhood Obesity

Have you ever heard of this issue called Obesity? This is an issue that is plaguing the medical system today and I have always been puzzled at why there are suddenly so many cases of childhood obesity. Perhaps we can blame it on the food, or the lack of exercise, or even the iPads. What I am most interested in is the underlying subconscious processes that runs in the background. In a Intuitive Coaching session, a client found out the reasons why she developed childhood obesity.


Money Causes Separation

Money FightEver since I discovered a method to allow clients to connect to the root cause of any issue quickly and effortlessly, I have been doing a lot of work with clients in the areas of love, wealth, and health. It started with my desire to be a coach. Not just any kind of coach, but the kind of coach that could empower and assist clients to tune into their own inner wisdom to find the guidance they need to make choices that are most beneficial to them. At first a few clients were attracted to this work for the purpose of finding love in their lives, then I started getting clients who were interested to find out why they were having issues with money.  I felt like I was quite suited to help people who were looking to create more money in their lives because I was able to create financial abundance for myself by being a co-founder of a software company. However, I realized that a lot of the work I did to create wealth was not in answering questions beginning with the Howsuch as “How can I make more money?” Rather, I did a lot of work around answering questions beginning with the word Why. “Why can’t I make money?” or “Why can’t I keep the money I made?”

After going through the process of creating abundance in my life, I began to realize that the how was not as important as the why.  As I was beginning to venture into my work as a coach, a previous Quantum Healing Hypnosis client contacted me from Japan for a session. During our session together, I asked this client to close her eyes and think about her beliefs around money.  She came up with six major limiting beliefs she had around money. For the purpose of our session together, she had chosen to work with the negative belief: Money causes separation.

Using only guided meditation techniques I have developed, I led her to access events and incidences in her soul’s memory that may have caused her to adopt the limiting belief that money causes separation.

In the first scene, this client remembered a fight she was having with her partner over money as they were talking about the possibility of breaking up.  The client said that her partner never seem to have enough money and this was really bothering her. Issues around money were threatening their relationship.

In the next scene, she saw that she was a small new born baby. Her parents were feeling stressed out about money because her parents were living with her father’s parents and they were expected to provide for the whole extended family while providing for a new born baby. Stressed and anxious, her parents moved out of the family home – which was against the cultural norm at the time.  In this scene, the client had the awareness that money was the main issue why her parents moved away from the extended family. Money caused separation.

I then prompted her to go even further back in time to an event that caused her to believe that money causes separation.  She saw that she was the wife of a samurai who was a very poor money manager.  There were never enough money.  She was so fed up about this she ended up running away from her samurai husband. Again, money caused separation.

In the last scene, I moved her to the very first time something happened that made her construct the belief that money causes separation and tears were streaming down her face.  “I am at Source!” she said.

“What is happening?” I asked.

“It is the moment I am separating from Source!” She said as she was flooded with a wave of emotion.

“What kind of beliefs did not have as you experience this event?” I asked.

“I feel like I am separating from the true source a abundance!” She said.

“Now that you are in the presence of Source, could we ask Source some questions?”


“Dear Source, what would you like to say to her that will help her understand what is happening?” I asked.

“We want her to know that we were NEVER separated. What she was observing as a moment of separation was only an illusion. We are One.” Source responded through the client.

“Could you give her a feeling in her body to show her that you are there with her?” I asked.

“I feel so warm in my heart.” The client said as she brought her hands to the center of her heart with a big smile beaming on her face.

I think I can safely say that the client now has a firm understanding that she was never separated from the true Source of abundance.

Searching for Love

Love in the CloudsRecently I have been feeling a huge wave of energy washing over me as I go about my day.  Sometimes this can be a bit annoying because I could not hold my smart phone if I wanted it to work properly.  The good part about this new surge of energy is an increase in my ability to communicate with my Inner Wisdom with greater clarity. One of the areas in my life that has taken a quantum leap is the discovery of a method I can use to guide clients to connect with their own Inner Wisdom from anywhere around the world as long as I can speak to them over the phone or Skype.

These sessions were so amazing I realized that I needed to share the results with others. The session today was one of those amazing sessions. A man in his early 50′s (whom I will call Larry) contacted me to see if he could get some greater insights into why he has not been able to manifest a life partner so far. Some of the burning questions on his mind were:

  • Why has it been so difficult to find a relationship?
  • Why does he feel like he just couldn’t get the kind of partner he wanted?
  • Why does he keep manifesting relationships with women who are more high maintenance?

During our session he first experienced a memory of relationship he had 5 years ago where he had been quite accommodating throughout the relationship. When he finally spoke his mind, she stopped talking to him. This left him feeling angry, sad and upset. He felt disappointed that he had to start all over again.

Larry then experienced a memory where he was head over heels with a woman many years ago. When he finally got the courage to ask her out, he felt that she had made up an excuse why she could not go out with him. He felt devastated and formulated the belief that he could never get the kind of girl he wanted.

As I continued to trace back memories of similar incidences in his life, he went back all the way to the time he was in Kindergarten. It was snack time and he was really excited about snack time.  The teacher he really liked had offered him a cinnamon cookie — a flavor he greatly disliked. Not wanting to upset the teacher in anyway, he tried his best to eat a cookie he didn’t like.  He ended up crying and snack time was not as fun anymore. Larry had felt like if he had told the teacher how much he disliked the cookie, she might not have liked him anymore.  So he tried suppressing his true feelings in order to please his teacher.

I then guided him to another time when something similar happened and he recalled a memory where he was a man in the 18th century being forced by his parents to marry someone he did not love.  He was angry at his parents and created the negative belief that his feelings didn’t matter and that he had to settle for less.  At this time in the session, a pre-existing cough he had got worse as he was feeling a sense of tightness in his upper chest area.

I guided Larry to the first time in his Soul’s memory when something similar happened. He recalled a time before his very first incarnation.  He really didn’t want to incarnate and resisted outside pressure for him to incarnate.  He felt like he was being over-ruled and finally gave in to the pressure while feeling angry and resentful.  He felt like he just could not get what he wanted. In that first incarnation, he was an angry person in a female body.

Given that we had found the origin where he had lost his sense of power to choose what he loved to do, I guided Larry through a process to connect with Larry’s own Inner Wisdom. Below is a snippet of my conversation with his Inner Wisdom:

May: Can you tell us why Larry was forced to incarnate?

Wisdom: Because he couldn’t progress any further in the ascension process until he incarnated. His Souls’ progression was at a standstill.

May: Can you please tell us why Larry had been unable to have a loving romantic relationship?

Wisdom: There are two reasons why he had not been able to have a loving relationship. (1) He has to realize that the partners he desired in the past were not partners he would have thrived with. Instead of going with the soul connection, he relied mostly on the physical connection. (2) He never believed in himself.  He needs to believe in himself and feel comfortable and powerful in his own essence.

May: So if Larry was willing to focus on connecting with women on a soul level and he started to shine with his true essence, then would he be able to have a loving, romantic relationship?

Wisdom: YES! Things can change in an instant! Don’t rely on the physical sense and rely on the compass in your heart and understand that there are multiple partners out there.  This isn’t supposed to be like finding a needle in a haystack. You will have choices. [With this new realization] you will look around and be amazed at what’s out there. Understanding your time in this life is short. You’re in your 50′s. When the fear comes up, you can’t let that stop you from living life.  If you want to have a partner, you need to actively participate in your own life!

May: Thank you so much for your love and guidance. Do you have any messages for May?

Wisdom: Don’t sell yourself short. You’re better at this than you think you are.

Amazingly, after the session ended Larry had no memory of ever conversing with his own inner wisdom. It was good that I took excellent notes but I know in the future I will have to look into recording these sessions even if no induction was used.  Interestingly, Larry started the session coughing a lot and ended the session not coughing much at all.  He was also pleasantly surprised at how light and relaxed he felt in his body after a 90 minute conversation.

This is so amazing! I am so grateful to the Universe for continuing to show me how I can transform the lives of other people.