Manifesting Money

At the beginning of March I made an intention that I wanted to attract $5000 into my life.  I didn’t know how this was going to happen.  My husband wasn’t doing a lot of work that gets him paid and when he does, his contracting company takes forever to pay him.  While I am a nurse, I dislike working so much that I haven’t really gone in to work.  In fact, I am seriously thinking about quitting nursing because I truly believe it is draining a lot of my energy from doing the things I really want to do.

Every week on Sunday, I sit down to plan my week on a excel form I called my “weekly intentions” where I state the things I will complete for the upcoming week towards accomplishing my goal and I also include a section where I write down all the things I request from the universe.  I remember writing down on my weekly intentions that I really wanted to attract $5000 into my life.  On the very same week, I found out I was pregnant and called my dad in Taiwan telling him he is having another grandchild on the way.  He was so happy that he immediately wired $2500 into my bank account.  The next day after that, my husband got a $2900 cheque in the mail.  The total amount of money that arrived that week amounted to $5400!!  I was ecstatic!

I thought I really should be taking setting intentions more seriously.  I have been reading a book by Napoleon Hill called “Think and Grow Rich” and recognizing that one must truly believe that they are already rich before they can actually manifest that into physical reality.  Due to my financial situation of not having enough positive cash-flow into the house, I spent a lot of time thinking about going in debt and having negative cash-flow.  Then, I went to a real estate investment seminar a woman who became a real estate multi-millionaire within 2 years and taught many others to do the same.  During that seminar, I had a sudden realization…


That’s right, I am really richer than I thought, I have a positive networth of $114,000 that I can draw from starting today to focus on a business my husband and I are building.  I realize that our thoughts are funny things, while my financial situation has not changed at all, I am suddenly feeling so much richer than I was a few weeks ago.  I know this will do wonders for my financial future because at this very moment, I feel so abundant, I cannot even believe I didn’t have enough money. 

I have decided that I am going to shamelessly ask for what I want and get ready to receive manifested intentions joyfully.  Here are some of my intentions:

I intend to:

  • be deeply in love with my husband Dobes

  • live in harmony with my husband and children

  • have beautiful, conscious children

  • attract $10,000,000 in positive networth by December 2011

  • live in a penthouse suite with 4 bedrooms and beautiful mountain views

  • be an inspirational speaker / author to inspire people to recognize their limited beliefs and create the lives they want

  • speak to children about the power of positive intentions and giving them the tools to transform themselves and the world.

  • create scholarship funds and make donations to allow children to participate in extracurricular activities such as music and sports (I personally was a recipient of these funds and the traveling I got to do really left lasting memories in my mind).

Recently, a person who read my blog shared with me that he would really like to manifest a BMW.  Ever since he shared his dream with me, every time I see a BMW, I think of this guy who really wants to have a BMW.  I am sure if enough people thought of him every time they see a BMW, he could manifest a BMW much sooner! 

For those who are reading my blog, what are some of your intentions?  Please take a moment to leave a comment and share your intentions to the universe so that we can send our positive energies your way.

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  1. Wow.

    Why are your intentions nearly identical to mine? Spooky…

    Well, except I don’t want to fall in love with Dobes. You can keep him for yourself.

    Well, I’ll list mine, don’t think I’m a copycat.

    I intend..
    To work from home for the most part on a creative opportunity that provides financial stability in an abundant way for me and my children.

    I intend…
    To use my gift of writing and speaking and sparkling personality to inspire millions to embrace their fantasies and believe they can have, do or be anything that they dream of.

    I intend…
    To publish a series of books about relationships that will heal, inspire and cause many, many people to feel better about themselves and learn to love themselves more.

    I intend…
    To move into a beautiful, spacious, miraculous home with my sons before the summer.

    I intend…
    To continue to grow spiritually and mentally, receiving direct inspiration from God and acing my classes in grad school.

    I intend…
    To use my gift of transparency about the issues that I face in life, to uplift others and help them to see the beauty within.

    I intend…
    To never, EVER worry about money again. My supply is endless and abundant and I will enjoy a life of luxury.

    I intend…
    To help raise deliciously intelligent, compassionate and good hearted sons who enjoy consistent health, amazing life experiences and success for all of their days.

    Thank you for allowing me to put these intentions out there.

  2. Thank you Ms. Tee for sharing your dreams and intentions on Manifestation Stories. No one can be a copy cat in the world of creation. Like minded people usually think the same way.

    You did mention one intention that is very measurable, which is to “miraculous home with your sons before the summer.”

    I will be following up with you this coming summer for sure! It would be so exciting to have a great manifestation story right there!

  3. Prayers…

    Now I know why so many people believe in Religions, because Religion is a way many many people can channel their thoughts to manifest for greater goods.

  4. I look forward to seeing these manifestations . I too will be thinking of these, giving them more energy so that they will manifest more quickly.

    Interestingly enough, a while back I was reading out of a journal I had written about 3 years ago. I read on someone’s blog about a convoluted, painful, and negatively passionate relationship someone had and in my journal I wrote about how I wished I could have such an exciting and emotionally broad relationship because I at the time I was feeling bored and emotionally flat.

    Of course this was before I knew about the concept of manifestation.

    I dreamed and imagined what such a relationship would be like, and although it was my imagination, I felt real pain and passion. A few months later, the situation and drama I imagined materialized. A person of the exact description in my imagination pursued me, right down to their personality and mixed heritage, and for months, I was drawn into a painful dramatic and convoluted relationship with this other individual. Of course at the time I didn’t link it to what I had written about in my journal until recently.

    I remember reading somewhere that saying what you want in the present tense will manifest it more quickly, so I will share my manifestations in the present tense.

    I am so happy and grateful now that I have the energy needed to make every day productive. I no longer have to worry about any of my ailments now that my body is a healthy system. I am able to balance my many projects on the go, completing each one of them. Infinite creative ideas pour out of me and I am a source of inspiration to those around me. Energy constantly flows from the earth through me and unto others. I am able to use my time for service to others. I attract unique, positive, like-minded people to me.

  5. Hi Bob,

    Thank you for sharing such powerful intentions on Manifestation Stories. I would love for you to come back and write a guest post about how your intentions have manifested in physical reality. If I may also add, you are a wonderful writer !! :)

  6. Wow!

    I just read back on my manifestation list from last March and already two have come true!

    I aced my classes..and continue to do so.

    I also finished my first book about relationships that is uplifting and inspiring!


    I can’t wait to see the rest manifest!

    I’ll add to the list right now because I was afraid to ask for it before…

    I intend…

    To meet, greet and emotionally and physically embrace my God given soulmate by the end of this year (2008).


  7. Hi Tee!

    What is interesting to note is why you were “afraid to ask” for certain things.

    t is always exciting to review your intentions and acknowledge the ones that manifested. This gives the universe the encouragement to give you more. I review my intentions weekly, a lot of the times, my intentions comes true :)

    I cannot wait to see your book published!

  8. I intend to create $65,000 per year creating my beautiful, healing, harp, voice & acoustic instrument CDs, my spiritual calligraphic art, and Reiki healing.

    I intend to buy and easily afford an awesome new house – Tudor/English style, 3 bedrooms, 1.5+ baths, 1500+ sq. ft, with room for the music and art studios, 2 stories, trees, great neighbors who don’t mind band practice, in a great neighborhood of San Leandro/Castro Valley/Hayward/Oakland.

    I intend to make up my mind completely about having a child, and if I want one 100%, to easily become pregnant and deliver healthily a wonderful healthy child.

  9. Dear Margaret,

    Thank you for sharing your intentions. Regarding your intentions of having a child, how will you know if you want one 100%? What has to happen in order for you to have the kind of clarity you need to proceed?

    I think there really is a spiritual component in choosing whether or not to have a child. The mind isn’t always the best decision maker because it is plagued by our “ego”. Our ego’s main purpose is to keep us safe, to keep things the same, to remind us of what we should be concerned about. It is not our true spiritual essence.

    You can tell the difference when you are playing your music, you are not thinking about what to play, you are letting the music flow through you, by-passing your mind all together. If you were to play music with your “mind”, your fingers will move too slowly 😛

  10. Excellent stories guys. I’m pretty new to manifesting but I truly feel my life is about to turn around for the better in every way. First and foremost I’m truly in need of receiving the capital to start my own business. I have no enthusiam of working for anyone anymore. This business venture is something I been wanting to do for a very longtime. With this capital there are other things I want to take care of in my life like paying off outstanding debt, getting some dental work done, driving the car that I want( a cream colored SL 500 mercedes with beige interior with the license plate saying mrcl whp). Notice the specifics lol. Anyways I want to manifest this money through winning a contest that’s going to give the funds to get this done

    • Hi Duane,

      When is this contest? I can see in your comment that you are very passionate about doing what you want to do. What kind of business venture are you interested in doing? It’s interesting that you said you want to manifest the money through winning a contest and you are very clear on what you want the money for. The universe is often not as specific as you are, when you say “paying off debt”, they don’t hear the “pay off” part they only hear the “debt” part. They don’t really hear “dental work” either. In fact, if you lay there during the time right before sleep and right after you wake up in the morning, you might want to consider imagining perfectly white teeth and imagining how it would feel to have the perfect teeth you want. Also, in my most recent post I have eluded to the possibility that the universe is often not as specific about where the money will come from. Not to say that you won’t win the contest, but I think it may be a good idea to leave room for surprises :) Who knows there may be a even better way to get the money. The possibilities are endless!

  11. Excellent stories guys. I’m pretty new to manifesting but I truly feel my life is about to turn around for the better in every way. First and foremost I’m truly in need of receiving the capital to start my own business. I have no enthusiam of working for anyone anymore. This business venture is something I been wanting to do for a very longtime. With this capital there are other things I want to take care of in my life like paying off outstanding debt, getting some dental work done, driving the car that I want( a cream colored SL 500 mercedes with beige interior with the license plate saying mrcl whp). Notice the specifics lol. Anyways I want to manifest this money through winning a contest that’s going to give me the funds to get this done. So if your reading this blog please send me the positive energy that is going to help manifest the desire I seek to get me back on track and my life headed in the direction I initially INTENDED. Thanx and blessings to all.

  12. Sorry didn’t mean to send it twice lol

  13. I like a lot your money manifestation. It seems you didn’t do too much but you had faith and absolutely trusted the Universe it was going to happen.

    It is my intention to manifest enough to enjoy financial freedom

    It is my intention to be in a good health all the time

    It is my intention to enjoy good relationships

  14. thanks for your story. I am having $3000 plus a new laptop HP630 this coming week. cheers!

  15. I intend
    * to create wealth to enjoy financial freedom myself and for my future generations.
    * to enjoy life to the fullest by enjoying each and every moment, by enjoying my work, by enjoying each and every activity undertaken by me, by enjoying the beauty around, by maintaining healthy and beautiful relationships, by giving the best of my ability to the universe.
    * to receive money $1000000 by 2015 so that me and my husband can set up our own business my investing our own money. The thought itself is so exciting. I am just waiting to sit in the chair of my own office.
    * to give the best education for my daughter and son.
    * to spread love in the world so that there is only love and only love for each other where in this beautiful world of love becomes a beautiful place to live in and loved by all.
    * to become a great speaker and appreciated by all.
    * to become famous by doing good deeds for my fellow beings.
    Thank you GOD for all that you are given me and giving me.

    • Hi Suji,

      Thanks for visiting. May all your wishes come true!



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